Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I recently finished a quilt for a friend who was retiring.  I've know this person for ages and ages and really wanted to do something special for him.  He's very big into astronomy, being an astrophysicist (no lie), so when I saw my local quilt shop advertise a class for a spiral quilt, I plunked my money down.

A little background here.  I've taken dozens of classes at my local quilt shop.  I have never finish a single one of them.  Not sure why.  I start off gang-busters and do great during class (I'm even one of those annoying people that actually comes to class as instructed, with fabric already cut), but then the urgency seems to fade away after I leave.  Napping always has an urgency, you see, so the half made quilt usually gets shuffled to the UFO pile and forgotten.  Usually for years.

But this time was different.  I had a deadline.  A looming deadline.  One of those deadlines that wakes you up in the middle of night and niggles at the back of you brain when you are trying to do Suduko.  And I made my deadline; finished the quilt early, in fact and got the entire crew at my friend's office to sign the back.

I'm quite pleased with myself, because not only did I finish a class project for the very first time, but I also put a big smile on the face of my friend who was truly surprised and touched by the gift.

And here is the photo he sent me later, saying that the universe must have been my muse.

I really, really love my friends.