Monday, December 16, 2013


It was a very productive weekend for me.  It was a bit snowy and icy here this weekend, so tons of cookies werebaked (mostly my ginger/molasses white chocolate chip cookies, but also a few pans of Matzo toffee) and I also got a lot of quilting and quilting prep done.

First up, a fabric box done with Penn State fabric for a friend of mine.  She's a knitter and was asking for a small container to hold a ball of yarn inside one of her project bags.  I think she'll like this.

I used a tutorial I found on Seaside Stitches and had it done within an hour.

I then tried making my first box bag.  Not as big of a success -- as I think I did something incredibly stupid and put the zipper on the long side of the fabric rather than long, so I ended up with a rather long, skinny bag :-)  But it still looks cute and I think I'll just set it aside for my own use as it is not really "gift" quality.

I finished up with getting the material cut out for three baby quilts I am making using the Triplet pattern, by Norma Campbell.  You end up getting three quilts and can vary the layout.  I have one to do for a little boy and one for a little girl, so I decided to use both blue and pink and then yellow.  Then I'll have an extra baby quilt the next time I need a shower present!


Another item that arrived this weekend was my Oliso TG-1050 iTouch iron.

Oliso Smart Iron TG1050 1600W Ultra-Premium Soleplate Pressing System
Love, love, love it!  I'd seen this iron in use on several quilting YouTube videos and was intrigued. Then I saw the price and was flabbergasted.  I stuck it on my Amazon Wishlist, but didn't hold out much hope unless some millionaire stumbled upon my list and felt sorry for me.

Fortunately, on Black Friday, Joane's had it on sale for almost half price.  Of course I didn't get to my local store in near enough time to fine one on the self, but they were on sale online as well, and I snatched one up!


The Kona Solids that I will be using in the upcoming Wake Up to Kona blog hop that I'm participating in arrived this weekend from Canton Village Quilt Works. They have a really nice selection and I even got the yardage on sale!

Amethyst, Artichoke, and White.  Can't wait to get cutting and putting this quilt together!

Friday, December 13, 2013


Found a really neat tutorial for a scrappy placemat (or even a mug rug, with a bit of alteration) at
Pink Penquin.

The tutorial and clear and concise and the pictures are great for following along.

You can find it HERE!


The tutorial shows more spring fabrics, but you could easily sub in some holiday fabrics and sew up some quick placements for a gift for your kid's teacher or a coworker.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


I'm signed up to participate in the She Who Sews Blog Hop in brand new year!

Once I found out I was on the list, I scoured the web for the She Who Sews fabric line by Janet Wrecker at Quilting Treasures ( and finally found the two fabrics I was looking for at
A great site, with a wonderful selection and great service was wonderful!
And here are the two focus fabrics I will be using for this adventure!

I just adore the red tomato pin cushion and button fabrics, so much fun.  I haven't quite decided what to make yet (it has to be something for my sewing room) but I have tons of ideas.  Just need to narrow them down.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Got a package in the mail today -- a yummy jelly roll of orange fabric  

I plan on using this for this for the pattern I picked up on Black Friday, the Patchwork Pumpkin Table Runner pattern that ordered from Annie's Crafts on Black Friday

I'll also be linking up to the party for the Cushion for Christmas Blog Hop at Ms Midge when it opens on Saturday, December 14th -- Before then, make sure to run over and check out all the incredible cushions!

         Ms Midge